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About Us
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Our company, which is a part of NORA GROUP, continues its sectoral activities in the mining field in an effective and actional manner by making use of the total energy of the structure it has created together with our other companies, NORA UN AŞ, NORA YB LOGISTICS AŞ, BAHUR TARIM AŞ.

At our facility located in Kayseri Pınarbaşı, our operations encompass open pit chromium production and beneficiation. Starting from the exploration phase and carried out by our team and equipment, these activities extend to the export stage.

As a significant player in the international construction machinery trade, our company continues its uninterrupted efforts to contribute to our national economy by facilitating the supply and delivery of machinery (such as dozers, loaders, excavators, and drilling machines) to our portfolio of customers worldwide, in accordance with their needs and demands. Through its team and a network of suppliers in various countries, our company organizes the procurement and delivery of machinery to the requesting country, ensuring a steady inflow of foreign exchange.

In order to serve the purpose of employment and export, we continue our work uninterruptedly in our lead, zinc, copper and barite fields in various regions of our country. Reserve determination activities continue at some of our sites, while some of our sites are in the process of completing pre production bureaucratic procedures. By the end of 2023, we plan to move on to the production and export phase in at least one more site.

As a player in the mining sector, we have been engaged in trading drilling equipment for approximately 2 years, fulfilling our role as a user. Operating as the distributor for NEOLIT, a Russian based company in Turkey, the Middle East, Australia, and Africa, our company, YHN MINING, initiated activities in this field. By the end of the first year, our company registered the distributorship of another Russian company, TEKNO ALMAZ, for Turkey under our group company NORA LOGISTICS INC.

While holding authorized dealerships for 2 out of the 3 existing companies in the region within our group, a recent visit by our group’s board of directors to the region led to contacts with the remaining manufacturing company. Following this visit, a protocol was signed with TEREK ALMAZ, allowing YHN MINING to procure any product from TEREK ALMAZ without restrictions or conditions, as stated in the formal agreement.

At this point, our company is the sole actor capable of providing all brands from each of the three Russian manufacturers as authorized dealers. As a more significant detail, our company has the unique opportunity to experience firsthand the impact of drilling equipment consumption, a crucial expense in exploration activities an indispensable aspect of mining on mining companies’ balance sheets. With a vision to support its industry partners and contribute to the development of Turkish mining, the company has dedicated its resources, personnel, storage, and working hours. The primary goal has been to prioritize the commercial gain of supporting stakeholders over profits.

Leveraging our group’s financial and logistical capabilities, we possess operational strength that enables us to procure all mentioned products at unrivalled prices. This advantage allows us to offer the products to our stakeholders at highly attractive prices, thus contributing to the industry’s development.

Yours sincerely.